Friday, 12 October 2018

New HTTP Injector Settings For MTN mPulse Data To Power All Apps

New HTTP Injector Settings For MTN mPulse Data To Power All Apps

New HTTP Injector Settings For MTN mPulse Data To Power All Apps

Hello guys, I am happy to tell you all that I now have a working HTTP Injector settings to make use of MTN mPulse data on all apps. I have personally tested this config file before posting. 

I've received countless mails and complaints regarding my previous MTN mPulse HTTP Injector settings. Worry no more as I have a new and working settings to power all apps with MTN mPulse data. 

Make sure you follow my settings carefully. If your phone is rooted, this config won't work for you (I made it so for security reasons). 

Let's get down to the settings real quick, and I guarantee you 100% that this new config will work for you without issues. 

New HTTP Injector Settings For MTN NG mPulse Data
  • An Android phone
  • MTN NG 3G or 4G sim without active data
  • Use the default MTN APN settings
  • HTTP Injector vpn - download here.
> Firstly, migrate to MTN mPulse tariff plan by dialing *344*1#.

> Secondly, subscribe to mPulse monthly bundle of 1.2GB for N150, dial *344*2*1*2#

> Now, download HTTP Injector VPN here

> After that, download any of the config file below. It doesn't work for rooted Android phone. Config is valid until (17-Oct-2018). We'll keep updating this post with new config files

How To Import Config On HTTP Injector Vpn

> First of all, download HTTP Injector vpn and the MTN 0.0k Config from the link above

> After installing HTTP Injector, launch the VPN app 

> Tap on the Paper icon located at the top-right corner 

> Tap on Import Config and locate the MTN 0.0k Config file and tap on it to import. 

> Finally, tick Google DNS and tap Start to connect. It will connect within 10 seconds. When it does connect, launch your browser and start browsing in full speed. 

How To Use This Cheat On PC

  • Now, share hotspot from your phone to your PC.
  • Connect your VPN app
  • Open TetherNet app and tap on VPN because we are using a VPN connection
  • Tap on Hotspot because we are sharing the connection via Hotspot
  • Finally, tap on Start Connection
  • You'll get a popup message "Connection Share Through AP Hotspot"
  • Now, start browsing in full speed on your PC. It powers the whole PC. You don't need to set any Proxy on any browser. Just leave it at "Automatically Detect Settings".
  • mtn-http-injector-cheat-config

But if your Android phone is not rooted, then you should make use of Pdanet. See settings and download links here

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

8 Internet Tricks That’ll Make Your Life Way More Easier

As it turns out now, the majority of the youth are becoming more inclined to the internet and it’s obvious in future, that’s what most of us will be using. 

Many of us have been on the internet for quite a long time but it will surprise you to know the number of things we still don’t know which makes even navigating on the internet quite difficult.
The internet is an ocean of knowledge, the reason why you’re probably reading this right now is to acquire more knowledge and we are sure you will acquire more because of the tricks you’re about to learn which will also make your life easier on the internet.

Here are 8 internet tricks that will make your life way easier.

1. Tabbed Browsing

You’re browsing on the internet and you see links to multiple items you might need but don’t want to lose the page you’re on because when you click on one, it will likely move to a new page and you don’t want that, what do you do?
Well you can just right-click and select “open on a new page” or you can just open a new tab and type in the link, but wouldn’t that be a long process, when you can just, hold down CTRL + Left Click to open in a new tab.
If you want to open a new tab, just press CTRL+T and you’re good to go.
If you mistakenly close a tab and want it back, press CTRL+SHIFT+T and it will revert back.
If you working and you realise you really need a particular page but you accidentally keep closing it, then you can pin the tab and to do that, just right-click on the tab, and in the drop down menu, select PIN TAB, easy does it.
You sometimes open a web page and you can hear the music play but can’t find where to put it off, there is an easy way to do it without even finding the player. Just right-click on the tab and in the drop-down menu, you can find, MUTE TAB just click it and it will mute the music wherever it is.

2. Tip Calculator

Well! In Ghana, this might not be much of a big deal but we can’t say same for other countries where tips are a must and can actually be calculated when you find yourself in a restaurant. And so, if you’re a traveller, this might come in handy.
Most people by now know there is a calculator on Google, but we doubt many know there is also a tip calculator. If you find yourself at a restaurant and want to know the percentage of the tip on your money spent for the waiter, just go to Google and click on the audio button and ask. You can also type in the question if you want and you will get the results you need on your bill. This works on every browser.

3. Using Your Browser As A Notepad

Just enter this, (data:text/HTML,%20<html%20contenteditable><Title>Notepad</Title>) into your browser address bar and type away. No need for you to go all the way to open a separate programme to take your notes.

 4. Google Timer

Do you want to time yourself on something? No need to whip out your phone if you sitting behind your PC, just go to Google and in the search bar type, Google Timer and it will open up a timer for you to set to your preferred time and click on start. You can also use the audio by clicking on the audio icon and saying the time you want to set. So you can say, set the time for 20 minutes and voila! there you go.

5. Deleting History As You Browse

If you don’t want your browser to store your history as you browse or even don’t want it to keep temporary files or allow cookies, there is a simple way to go about it. You can use what is known as the incognito mode, which is the name on Google Chrome but comes under different names on other browsers. On Firefox, for example, it is known as Private Browsing.
To activate the feature, select the settings menu in the upper right-hand corner of the Chrome Browser and three steps down, select New Incognito Window and that’s it, you’re good to go.
Note: In this mode, you will not be able to save temporary files and browsing history.

6. YouTube TV Mode

If you have a Smart TV and have viewed YouTube on TV before, then you will understand us much better. The appearance on TV is not the same as you have on your computer and you know it. But in case you want to have that same feature on your computer, it is easy to do it.
Just type this in your address bar when visiting the YouTube website:

7. Browser Shortcuts

If you’re lazy like me, then using shortcuts on your keyboard will be the easiest way to go when browsing. Here are some shortcut keys that will help you navigate easily while you browse.
To move to the address bar: Alt + D or Ctrl + L
To zoom in and zoom out on a page: hold down Ctrl and tap on + or –
To go back to the previous page: Alt + Left Arrow or Alt + Right to go forward on a page.
To refresh a page: Tab F5 or Ctrl + R

8. Browser Media Player

If you’re busy on the internet and you want to listen to some music or watch a movie but don’t want to go through the hustle of opening your media player, all you need to do is drag the file you want to play and drop it in your browser and it will start playing.
Note: This only works on Google Chrome and Firefox.

Google Has Launched Street View In Nigeria And Here’s How It Looks Like

Google Has Launched Street View In Nigeria And Here’s How It Looks Like
Image: Tour Dash

Earlier, we told you that Google CEO, Sundar Pichai was in Lagos for the Google for Nigeria event.

At this event, Google announced that it had launched the street view on Google Maps.

Google Street is a technology featured in Google Maps and Google Earth that provides views from positions along many streets in the world.

It was launched in 2007 in several cities in the United States and has since expanded to include cities and rural areas worldwide.

Image: Tour Dash

What this means now is that you can explore places you want to visit from the comfort of your living room, with just a click from your device

Pretty interesting you know?
Clapping Gif
Image: Gifs Me

In the blog which contains progress being made in Nigeria with products and features for users, it says

In the last few months, we’ve improved our address search experience in Lagos, by adding thousands of new addresses and streets, outlines of more than a million buildings in commercial and residential areas, and more than 100,000 additional Nigerian small businesses on Google Maps. Today we’re launching Lagos on Street View, with 10,000 kilometers of imagery, including the most important historic roads in the city. You can virtually drive along the Carter Bridge to the National Stadium or across the Eko Bridge, down to the Marina—all on your smartphone.

10 Struggles 16GB iPhone Users Totally Understand

10 Struggles 16GB iPhone Users Totally Understand

Getting a 16GB iPhone may save you a few bucks, until you realize that you have to live with insufficient storage

If you’ve ever had a 16GB iPhone, we know your story.

1. When you realize that your phone memory is actually less than 16GB

The one I’m trying to manage isn’t up to 16GB
Funke Akindele
Image: Pinterest

2. You when you see a new update for an app

I’m not doing this abeg.
Image: Giphy

3. And then you have to think of what app to delete because no space

Because the features on the new app looks enticing
Image: GossipMill

4. Of course you have no songs on your phone because 16GB


5. So streaming platforms are your best friends

And your data is dancing away too
Images by

6. Few pictures because you know no space

Oh gosh
Image: Giiphy

7. And so you have to back up to Dropbox or Google Photos all the time

Bye bye data
facepalm Gif
Image: Tumblr

8. When your friend wants to buy a 16GB iPhone

Please respect yourself

9. When you go out and people ask you how you’re dealing with your 16GB iphone

Can you kindly get out of my sight?
Don't Vex Me meme
Image: NairaLand

10. You know you’ve thought of iPhones having memory cards before to store everything

Admit it. We can tell Tim Cook this year
Image: FreedomForce

What other struggles do you have using 16GB iPhones?