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What you should start doing today to be a $Millionaire in the next ten years.

What you should start doing today to be a $Millionaire in the next ten years.

What you should start doing today to be a $Millionaire in the next ten years.

Consumer News and Business Channel (CNBC) has hinted on what to do to be a millionaire in the next ten years especially if you are starting with no money in your account at all.
According to the broadcasting channel, there is a certain amount of money you will need to save every month to be a millionaire by 2029.
CNBC reports that putting away $6,000 every month when you already have $10,000 saved will make a millionaire in the next ten years. If you have more saved up, a monthly savings of $5,500 should make you rich by June 2028.
The magic to this savings is the law of compound interest, where your money does not just sit in the account without increasing much. Though saving can be quite hard, getting into the habit can be of great benefits to anyone in the long run.

Thursday, 16 May 2019




Do you think everything in your kitchen is in their correct place? And what about your refrigerator? Well, actually it is mostly possible that there are a lot of bacteria hiding in your fridge because you keep foods in it that don’t belong there. If you worry about your health and about the food you consume, we have selected 20 foods of everyday use that you should not keep in the refrigerator.


It is not recommended to keep avocados in the fridge, as cold affects the process of the ripening of this fruit. So, you just need to keep your avocados outside the fridge, somewhere with room temperature where it can get ripe. To fasten the process of ripening, you can put avocado in a bag with an apple or even a banana, these fruits produce ethylene, the latter makes avocado to ripe faster. What if the avocado is already ripe? Well, in such case it’s time to it that avocado.


Do you know what happens to potatoes when they are kept in the refrigerator? They turn sweet and grainy. Cold temperature turns starch into sugar, this happens to all vegetables containing starch. So, you need to keep potatoes in dry places with good temperature. If the potato is cooked, you need to put it in the fridge to prevent the formation of bacteria.


If you want to eat Chocolate-Hazelnut Spread in a soft and creamy consistency, then never put it in the fridge. Such spreads like Nutella become solid in the fridge and do not spread on bread anymore. Hazelnuts contain high-fat which solidifies in cold temperature turning the spread firm. If you are afraid that the spread will go bad outside the fridge, don’t be as the sugar in the spread prevents bacteria growth.


Garlic is an important food which shouldn’t be kept in the fridge, where it can immediately get molded. It is recommended to keep garlic is dry and cool places. Garlic needs good ventilation so it cannot be kept in closed containers.


For all the coffee lovers out there, you shouldn’t keep your coffee in the fridge and most importantly in the freezer. You can keep coffee in the fridge only if you consume it rarely and you don’t want it to go off. But it is not recommended to keep it in the fridge as the humidity there takes all the aroma and taste of the coffee.



Keeping onions in the fridge is not the best idea, as the humidity makes onion soft, hence it starts rotting faster. Uncut onion should be kept in the mesh bag (in which you by them) in a dry place. Onion contains starched which become sugar when kept in the cold. So, keep your onion in dry places, but if you have half an onion you can keep it in the fridge to keep it fresh until the next use.


If you’ve ever put honey in the refrigerator then you know, that in the fridge honey becomes crystallized and turns into a sugary consistency. So, we don’t recommend keeping honey in the fridge. Actually, honey is one of those products that does not go bad unless you keep them in proper conditions.


If you love fresh herbs, then you probably know that the refrigerator is the best place to keep them fresh. But this is not the case with all herbs and basil is not an exception. When kept in the fridge basil turns into a brown smudgy consistency. To avoid this, you need to trim the basil stems and keep them in a glass full of water which keeps them fresh and healthy. This way you become a double winner, by keeping your greens fresh and decorating your kitchen.


Where do you keep your olive oil? If in the fridge, then we’ll recommend you to take it out and keep it in a cool cupboard. After keeping olive oil in the fridge for some time you will notice it changing its consistency. This happens due to the humidity in the fridge. The oil can turn cloudy and even get thicker. But if you have one in the fridge and notice it changing its appearance, don’t throw it away, just take it out of the fridge and keep it in a dry and cool place.


If you love to eat tasty and juicy fruits, then you better not keep stone fruits, such as peach, apricot, etc., in the fridge. When on cold temperature such fruits stop ripening and lose all their aromas. Before eating a fruit, you should keep it in room temperature to let it get ripe properly and to keep all its delicious tastes.



This one might be surprising, but you don’t need to keep ketchup in the refrigerator as it acidity prevents the production of microorganisms. Also, some people say that ketchup tastes even better when kept out of the fridge. But, of course, if you rarely use ketchup and you have an open one you can keep it in the fridge just to prolong its lifespan.


All the chocolate lovers like to keep their sweets in the fridge as if to prolong their lifespan. But in fact, the cold is damaging its texture and of course the sweet taste. When kept in the refrigerator chocolate gets granulose and this process is known as “sugar bloom”. It visibly changes the appearance of the chocolate covering it with a white-ish layer.


Got some bananas and you can’t decide whether to put them in the fridge or not? Well, first you need to check if the bananas are ripe or not yet. Unripe bananas are green, solid and need to be kept in room temperature to get ripe. While, if the bananas are already ripe you need to keep them in the refrigerator to prevent them from going bad and turning brown.


If you love ripe, juicy tomatoes full of flavor, then it is not recommended to keep them in the fridge as well. It is proven that keeping some fruits and vegetables in the fridge make them lose all their specific tastes and deliciousness. The best place to keep tomatoes, especially unripe ones, is under the sunlight. It makes the tomato sweeter and juicier.


Many people think they should keep canned tuna in the fridge just because it is a fish. But where do you take that fish from? Right, in the non-refrigerated section of the supermarket. It is better to keep sealed tuna in places with room temperature, preferably in a cupboard. Only when it is open you can keep it in the refrigerator.


This next one is quite debatable, as we can’t say you cannot keep it in the fridge as it will not do any harm to it. Mustard is one of those food items that is self-preserving and does not need to be kept in the fridge. But it is all up to your taste, if you like chilled mustard than keep it in the fridge if you like it warmer, keep it in room temperature. It is all up to you.


This one may be no news for cheese gurus but if you do not understand much in cheese, this may be helpful. Even though aged cheese contains fairy it should not be kept in the fridge. When chilled, aged cheese turns rock hard. So if you do not want to damage your product keep it in a dry and cool place, preferably in a cupboard.


Next one might surprise you but cucumber is also in the list of vegetables that do not need to be kept in the fridge. Research has shown that cucumber loses its aroma and taste while kept in the fridge. So, keep cucumbers in room temperature to maintain its delicious and natural taste.


You have probably noticed that many people like to keep bread in the fridge or maybe you are also one of those people. Well, if so, we do not recommend doing it further. As when kept in the fridge, bread hardens and dries quickly. All you need to do is keep it outside the fridge in a dry are in a package. And make sure it is closed properly, so it will not get dry.


Have you noticed that spices stick together when kept in the fridge? You can see small balls in spices, which happens because of the humidity. Also, spices kept in the refrigerator lose all their aroma and taste. So, to retain the natural and rich taste of the spices, it is recommended to keep in a cupboard, or in other dry places with good temperature.

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19 Classy hairstyles for women over 50

19 Classy hairstyles for women over 50

19 Classy hairstyles for women over 50

Hairstyles and hairstyles for older ladies are no longer about trends, you know yourself and what is best for you. Sometimes it is useful to gather inspiration for a change from those who wear it best. Here are 19 of the most beautiful hairstyles modeled by some of the finest older ladies.

19. Backcombed Outgrown Pixie

Backcombed Pixie Cut is just an extraordinary hairstyle when it is cut low or just grows. When combing back, the Pixie Cut looks stylishly brilliant.

18. Feathery layers

The oblique segment, the unbalanced pony and the layered layers with a razor make the Liza Rinna hairstyle concept unique.

17. Full of pony

A hairstyle similar to that of Emma Thompson, the juicy fringes provide the perfect shape to keep the short haircut from looking boyish.

16. Romantic curly curls

Romantic loose curls are an extremely priceless hairstyle in terms of longevity and youthful appearance. For example, Michelle's curly locks are the classic variant of the hairstyle, which is amazing for everyone

15. Layered Bob

This is especially suitable for 50 plus of women aged. Despite the fact that it comes with a little care attention, it is a hairstyle that can be rocked for a long time. It just looks gorgeous on all straps.

14. Short cut with side bangs

If you are looking for an attention-grabbing haircut as you age, you should treat yourself to short crops with side pony. It is always at the point. It allows you to keep your style simple and ladylike with a long downside bang. The fringes can be stowed behind the ear or released down.

13. Michelle Obama's curly bob

This is an elegant hairstyle that is a signature of an elegant woman like Michelle Obama. Whether with wavy hair or straight hair, the short hairstyle always looks stylish and feminine.

12. Nicole Kidman's updo

With a black tie dress code, Nicole Kidman Updo is the most appropriate hairstyle that graces your head exceptionally for every ceremony.

11. Viola Davis' Sleek Bob

If you need a hairstyle that requires less attention from you then the smooth and shiny Bob style is the best choice.

10. Short pixie haircut

For women who have gray and thin hair, the short pixie haircut will beautify your hair and make the most of it. It is also easy and easy to maintain.

9. Short fine hair

It's good to be nice and inspiring to others. If you agree, then Helen Mirren's Plating Rough Low Hairstyle is one of the best available hairstyles to settle for.

8. Flippy praise

The melissa of Melissa looks clever and lush as the end of the flap is turned over and the fringes unfolded.

7. Sweet shoulder-length curls

With Susan's reddish brown tint, her sweet curls and fringed side fringes look amazing and youthful.

6. Piezy Pixie

With the flaxen highlights that enrich the texture of Ellen's hair, her pixie looks neither old nor her body.

5. Side swept crop

As Carrie-Anne's haircut shows, asymmetry can be pleasing to all eyesight. With the way she turned one side and made her shiny on the other, she just looked too perfect.

4. Beachy praise

Meg Ryan Hairstyle is an example of how the flax, long and wavy look can be pretty if the hair is not overly long.

3. Sculpted Bob

If you want to look extraordinarily unique with a short hairstyle, then the wavy fringes that reveal the forehead are a perfect option.

2. Face framing layers

Lisa's hairstyle is an extraordinary hairstyle, as the short layer improves the chin and her skin color blends perfectly with her blonde hair.

1. Oprah Winfrey's curls

By reaching the shoulder bone, Winfrey's long locks look so comfortable. It looks twice as long as it looks when flattened, but it's just amazing.

20 facts about the city of luxury - Dubai

20 facts about the city of luxury - Dubai

20 facts about the city of luxury - Dubai

Dubai is incredible and a popular destination for many travelers and tourists. However, there are certain facts that make the place interesting for a visit. Below are 20 facts about the luxurious city of Dubai.
Luxury cars such as Mercedes, Lamborghini, Ferrari and Bentley are the vehicles of the patrol of the Dubai Police.
The city is building an air-conditioned downtown that spans a size of 50,000,000.
Many cases of foreign women being raped are detained after being reported to the competent authority.
Wildcats like the Cheeta can be seen on a passenger seat in Dubai.
Only in Dubai do they deport a journalist because they are too beautiful.
Dubai has one of the tallest construction cranes in the world.
The sand used for the artificial Palm Island in Dubai is enough to load a state building of the Empire 2.5.
Residents on the 150th floor of the Burj Khalifa have to wait a bit because of the height of the building before breaking their fast in Ramadan.
In 2013, 40% of all physical gold trading was done in Dubai, and when weighed together, it is heavier than the average weight of 354 elephants.
There are bagpipes for the police in Dubai.
The 39% of Burj Al Arab Hotel is a vacant and uninhabitable space.
In the year 13 there were only 1968 cars in Dubai. Currently they have to build a double-decker road to accommodate the traffic.
The main sources of income for Dubai are tourism and real estate, as oil sales account for only 6% of their economy.
The gold pieces used for the Burj Al Arab in Dubai are enough to embellish 46-, 265-paintings by Mona Lisa.
The majority of Dubai's population is Indians, while 85% of its total population comes from other countries.
Because of the flexibility of the robots, they are taking part in a multi million dollar camel race in Dubai.
Obviously, the Burj Khalifa can be seen from a distance of 90 kilometers.
At the top of the Burj Al Arab is the highest tennis court in the world.
All bus stops in Dubai are covered and air conditioned.
The city with the most rapid changes is Dubai.