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Top CRAZIEST Pitch Invaders 2017 HD

Top CRAZIEST Pitch Invaders 2017 HD

Top CRAZIEST Pitch Invaders 2017 HD

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Top 10 Smart Goals In Football

Top 10 Smart Goals In Football

Top 10 Smart Goals In Football

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10 richest wrestlers in the world 2018

10 richest wrestlers in the world 2018
10 richest wrestlers in the world 2018

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50 ACTION STARS ⭐ Then and Now | Real Name and Age 2019

50 ACTION STARS ⭐ Then and Now | Real Name and Age 2019
50 ACTION STARS ⭐ Then and Now | Real Name and Age 2019

50 Action Stars - Transformation 2019 | Real Name and Age Action Stars Before and After: Sylvester Stallone Arnold Schwarzenegger Chuck Norris Dolph Lundgren Jean-Claude Van Damme Bruce Willis Jackie Chan Steven Seagal Kurt Russell Dwayne Johnson Harrison Ford Tom Cruise Vin Diesel Michael Biehn and more... Music: 1. Mitchell Miller - Facing The Invaders 2. Nazar Rybak - The Epic Mind: 3. Nazar Rybak - Action Trailer: 4. Nazar Rybak - Colossus: Kevin MacLeod - Guess Who Guess Who by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Source: Artist: #50ActionStars #Transformation #ThenvsNow If you like this channel and you want to help him to develop, you can provide all possible financial assistance. Thanks for your support! Donate PayPal httpswww.paypal.methenvsnow THENvsNOW™ contact [email protected] Watch More Videos: ★ ☆★ ☆★ ☆★ ☆★ ☆★ ☆★ ☆★ ☆★ ☆★ ☆★ ☆★ ☆★ ☆★ ☆★ ☆ ✪ ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER vs SYLVESTER STALLONE: ✪ RAMBO: FIRST BLOOD 2 - Then and Now: ✪ CONAN THE DESTROYER - Then and Now: ✪ BLOODSPORT - Then and Now: ✪ MORTAL KOMBAT - Then and Now: ✪ STARSHIP TROOPERS - Then and Now: ★ ☆★ ☆★ ☆★ ☆★ ☆★ ☆★ ☆★ ☆★ ☆★ ☆★ ☆★ ☆★ ☆★ ☆★ ☆

Khi Quái Vật Thể Hình Ra Đường Là Ai Cũng Phải Ngước Nhìn

Khi Quái Vật Thể Hình Ra Đường Là Ai Cũng Phải Ngước Nhìn
Khi Quái Vật Thể Hình Ra Đường Là Ai Cũng Phải Ngước Nhìn
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Alex Otti and the idiocy of uninformed opposition

Alex Otti and the idiocy of uninformed opposition

*Ben Udechukwu
I have read online and other media of communication, the subtle begging by Alex Otti and his band of “Hearsayers” for Okezie Victor Ikpeazu PhD, the scholar in Governance, the Chief Promoter of Made in Abia goods and by the ultimate grace of God; the pragmatic Governor of Abia State to respond to tissues of lies which they conjured, as usual to hoodwink unsuspecting members of the public. I have said it severally that Ikpeazu has the most redundant and retroactive set of opposition. These people in their subtle display of idiocy of opposition inadvertently make Ikpeazu look more than the champion he is. With every sense of responsibility, I dare say that Alex Otti’s opposition is perhaps the most sterile and most uneventful in the history of Abia politics.

When the Governor flags off a project, they go to town to say how impracticable it is. When he commences and deploys State funds to deliver in record time, they accuse him of seeking cheap popularity. When the Governor delivers on his promise of quality infrastructure evenly across the State, they remind him that because their own man is not Governor, they will not accord those lofty projects the desired applaud. One would have thought that they would improve with time. Yes! They did but merely improved on their capacity to leave substance to pursue shadow.

While I respect the right of the Government to ignore rumour mongers, I have elected to do this work of charity just to massage Otti’s ego and in the interest of his choristers who have the skill of telling white lies. Okezie is way too busy to pay attention to fabrications and mindless grandstanding  As a prelude, it does appear, Otti and his hardly informed band of “Hearsayers” led by Ferdinand Ekeoma either do not understand the philosophy behind the concept of Social Contract or have refused to give heed to wise counsel. I will help them by adverting their minds to the consensus agreement of classic scholars on the real import of Social Contract.

“In both moral and political philosophy, the social contract is a theory or model that originated during the Age of Enlightenment. Usually, the social contract concerns the legitimacy of the authority of the state over the individual.[1] Social contract arguments typically posit that individuals have consented, either explicitly or tacitly, to surrender some of their freedoms and submit to the authority of the ruler (or to the decision of a majority) in exchange for protection of their remaining rights”.

Truth is, the proponents of Social Contract did not envisage that citizens could bandy unverifiable facts, revel in beer parlour narratives and make accountability look like rocket science. Otherwise, Otti and his 5th Columnists should know that no “unnamed bank” can ever give an imaginary loan of an amount as staggering as over N42b naira to a State government. I don’t know how to inform these fellows that government is a serious business and cannot be run on social media. I don’t know how to tell Otti and his hirelings that there are laid down procedures for doing things decently. If the explanations given by the Finance Commisoner is not enough to show procedurial responsiveness, there are still other decent options open to our friends both at law and commendable practice to seek redress. Which serious government would pay attention to senseless conjectures like ever imagining that monies are paid out to silence a Legislature made up of even their own party members? You see why I said that these people are either without sense or that they revel so much in vainglory?

I am aware that Okezie Ikpeazu cannot be dragged to a circle of doom. May be, Ikpeazu has mystic powers to also be the architect of their misfortune including having the rare privilege of planting a mole in their own party. Anybody who thinks straight should appreciate that these agents of backwardness do not deserve any further reply. They only need to activate their thinking cap to know that a governor who has severally received commendations from regulatory bodies and anti graft agencies is set on progression and not on reverse gear which propels Otti and his defeated warlords.

At the risk of repeating myself, I urge Alex Otti and his yes men to give us quality opposition, stay away from facebook hypotheses and begin to give their lives a meaning. Abia will be better if we have an opposition that is focused, smart and informed.

Udechukwu writes from Umuahia

Monday, 13 August 2018

Orji Kalu And The Burden of History

Orji Kalu And The Burden of History

By Moses A. Orji

Of late, Abia State Governor, Dr Okezie Ikpeazu has been the butt of a sustained, well orchestrated media attack by Orji Uzor Kalu and his media outfit, The Sun Newspaper. Reading from the front page editorial of the The Sun of 21st March, 2018 captioned 'As Abia descends into rot' and juxtaposing it with an earlier publication by the same newspaper in less than a month (27th February) in which the same tabloid praised Dr Ikpeazu as having done enough to deserve second term, one is left with no option but to concede to the fact that you cannot retain your colour and remain with the chameleon. For those of us who come from Abia State where Orji Kalu held sway as an unprincipled chess player for eight years, there was no element of surprise.

Perhaps Chief Orji Uzor Kalu needs no introduction in Nigeria's contemporary politics. He belongs to the political clan who craves publicity and media attention, and often takes bizarre and high-risk adventures just to attract it. For the records, it was Orji Kalu who travelled to Kirikiri Maximum Prisons to demonstrate his ability to negotiate the release of Major Al-Mustapha against all odds. To the prison officials he boasted his clout and connections, and did not factor-in the inherent contradictions in undermining a judicial process on a matter that was before a court of law.

Also, when General Buhari, now President, declined to negotiate for and on behalf of the leaders of Boko Haram who had nominated him, our own Orji Kalu jumped into the ring and elected to play the role instead. He quickly reeled out his credentials to buttress his candidature. He was so enticed by the lucrative prospect of being a third party claimant; he threw the caution to the wind. Again, while serving as the Governor of Abia state and visitor of the state owned university, Orji Kalu bulldozed his way and commandeered a university degree for himself contrary to the laid down rules of the institution. The above oddities are just a tip of the iceberg to assist our memory in situating the Orji Kalu persona.

It does however appear to me that Chief Orji Uzor Kalu is this time seeking attention from government but is going about it the wrong way. He is fully aware that Dr Ikpeazu is laying the foundations for the sustainable growth of the state he once ruined, but he wants to be in the picture. He had earlier offered the Governor an automatic ticket for a second term in his own party, the APC. But the former governor seems to be running away from the crux of the issue. The feelings which the heyday of Orji Kalu evokes are so repulsive, and a flashback would easily reveal why the political elite would not want him back into their fold.

For a start, Orji Kalu never wanted an Ngwaman to be Governor of Abia state. He once told Dr Sam Eke (SAMEK) and some other guests that an Ngwaman would be governor only after his own (Orji Kalu's) daughter, a toddler had taken her turn. But after being choked of political relevance and scheming to warn himself back into the hearts of the same people he had dismissed with contempt, Kalu began to make a volte face. In his Daily Sun interview of September 18, 2104 Kalu had this to say...'looking at it from the point of morality, the next governor of the state should come form Old Aba zone'. That was the truth. But it was coming from the lips of a dying man. It has been said that if there is any sin that should not be forgiven, it is the sin of hypocrisy. With the rugs successfully pulled off his feet by his successor, Kalu began to talk about political morality.

History turns on a small hinge, and contemporary history lends credence to the fact that leaders are judged more by their principled commitment to certain ideals. If Chief T.A Orji, as a sitting governor had not stood his ground on power shift in Abia politics against all promptings and persuasions to the contrary, perhaps we would not have seen this day. As history would surely confirm, Ochendo has not only emerged from the ashes of his predecessor as Abia's equivalent of a Chris Ngige but has also successfully midwifed our own Peter Obi or even something better.

The story on the lips of everyone is that the sun is on the rise again in Abia State. Rather than descending into riot, Abia is now enjoying a good mention all over the country and the Governor appears to be heading towards a revolution on all fronts. Perhaps, we should all pause for a moment and ask Chief Orji Kalu to point at one legacy he left behind to write his epitaph. There is this Presbyterian hymn which has it that, 'we shall all be remembered by what we have done'.

Maybe I will continue to remember how the former governor and his family evolved a dubious but ingenious system of administration through which they milked Abia dry. It was christened mamacracy, because the mother was designed to take all the blame since authority apparently flowed from her. I will also not forget his Orji Kalu foisted his younger brother as the most suited man to represent the enlightened people of Aba at the National Assembly to the chagrin of Ngwa intellectuals. Nnanna Uzor Kalu, a stupendous ignoramus and convivial fellow became our standard bearer for eight years and his elder brother did not bat an eyelid.

The truth is that the memory of Orji Kalu and his mother will continue to attract a storm of adverse publicity being a true reflection of the blighted image they have carved out for themselves. Whenever the name Orji Kalu is mentioned, the memories that come alive are: schemer, rabble rousing, brinkmanship, chicanery, megalomania, grandstanding, name dropping, distorted orientation and the likes. Kalu is never associated with the congenial attributes which mark out well bred leaders. Rather than grandstand, it is this solemn truth that should engage the minds of Kalu and members of his family.

Since he left office as the governor of Abia state, Orji Kalu has tried his hands on several projects without success. He had formed the Njiko-Igbo. In the year 2013, he granted an interview in Conakry..."I am not in any political party. My focus is on the unity of Ndigbo which I am championing through a nonpartisan movement called Njiko-Igbo. It is a platform for the repositioning of Ndigbo, most especially on a Nigerian President of Igbo extraction come 2015". And when he began this his pet project, a Yoruba friend of mine, a journalist, told me the project was dead on arrival. I was surprised that a non-Igbo could interpret the Igbo heartbeat so accurately. The truth is that Kalu has so embarrassed the Igbo nation that no Igbo son or daughter would want to team up with him. As lofty as the idea may seem, where is Njiko-Igbo today? Is Kalu now not campaigning for Buhari's second term in office, with his personal resources I am told?

Having lost steam in Igbo land, and in his quest for publicity and a platform, the man Orji Kalu then formed a new group called The G.37, said to be committed to crusading against political prostitution, corruption, moral decadence and crass materialism. In league with OUK to campaign for this ethical revolution were the likes of Gbemi Saraki, Olabode George, Musliu Obanikoro, etc. When the news hit me I told my audience that I would not be surprised if Chief Zebrudayya borrowed an inspiration from the group to do a befitting satire.

The fact remains that we may never fully appreciate the sweat of the hen dancing in the rain. Kalu's chicanery robbed off on virtually all his political associates. His weak character propelled him into riding rough shod over the political fortunes of Abia sons and daughters of nobler parentage. And today the chicken has come home to roost, with Kalu fighting the battle of his life in his quest for a political foothold.

Rather than mount undue pressure on his editorial team, Kalu should concentrate on his well mouthed multi billion dollar business conglomerate. While serving as Abia Governor, Orji Kalu established the following business concerns: an airline, a shipping line, real estate and road construction firms, banks and insurance firms, hotels and furniture companies as well as a flourishing newspaper publishing company. While Kalu has mounted the media pulpit a talk down on us, the injury he inflicted on Abians is yet to heal completely. The issue of backlog of unpaid salaries dates back to his days at the helm. Abia's Information Commissioner, John Okiyi Kalu, alluded to this when he said..."we have never gone public to inform our people about the origin of the salary and pension payment challenge in the state which dates back to the 1999-2007 era".

I don't see Kalu, the former Governor making a headway if he chooses to rely on gimmicks and rabble rousing as a comeback strategy. He carries with him the burden of a reckless past which sticks to him like second nature. He has been profiled, and can no longer take anybody by surprise.

Trying to discredit a pacesetting government that is focused on the path of recovery and greatness is like laying a wreath on a crown. My only consolation is the realization that Abia's journey to greatness has begun in earnest. Dr Ikpeazu's government is not only executing ambitious, enduring and quality projects, he is also spreading the projects across the length and breadth of the state according to priority. This is in sharp contrast to the Kalu era when bush paths and farm routes at Igbere were given priority while major routes in Abia North and elsewhere were abandoned.

I am also happy that Dr Ikpeazu is determined to break the vicious cycle which has held Abia down. With his vision for the future, and with what is on ground already, I have no doubt that Abia will catch up, and that the governor's place in history will be an enviable one.


Saturday, 11 August 2018



*Ben Udechukwu*

If I had ever doubted the wisdom of God, if I had ever doubted His willingness to save His people from sin and death, it was perhaps I hadn’t taken time to appreciate Him for saving Abians from the disaster Alex Otti would have been had Abians made the mistake of electing him Governor of Abia State in 2015. My pity to myself stems largely from my misconception that if he wouldn’t have made a good Governor, he should at least proof himself of having more than the thinking power or a rock or the brain of a sponge.

Please do not misunderstand me. Otti may have graduated first class. However, he appeals to me as a man who would have done better in the boardroom (very rebuttable though) than this infamous act of venturing into politics which in my mind has succeeded in demystifying whatever is left of his aura. I will tell you how.

In a short but detailed interview, Okezie Victor Ikpeazu PhD, the sharply focused Governor or Abia State, the youthful Governor with the Midas touch, the prudent manager of men and resources, the man who has in three years placed Aba (the single most important city economy East of the Niger) and indeed Abia on the track of steady development, the man who mustered sufficient political will to tackle challenges hitherto seen to be impracticable and impossible, told the world that Otti is not an opposition to be worried about. Ikpeazu as a scientist had studied the quality of opposition presented by Otti and came out with the incontrovertible conclusion that he doesn’t feel challenged by the unlikely event of an Otti governorship candidacy in 2019. Instead of Otti and his team of clever by half, self serving busy bodies  to give a superior argument, they ignorantly did a ten page reply. In all, they tried and regrettably too, to make good governance a slave to grammar. All through that adverse admission from Otti through his crony Nnanna Ijoema who resides in New York (not New Umuahia, not New Owerri, not new Aba), I did not read anything to invalidate Ikpeazu’s bitter truth to Otti.  I was shocked (but not surprised) that in utter display of the most shameless disposition, Otti branded the Ikpeazu government, that of Flag Offs, Billboards and Jingles. Again I asked, how did any person arrive at the poor judgment that Otti could be a match to the highly cerebral  Ikpeazu. Let us juxatopose idealism and realism.
1. Otti may not have encountered the word “flag off” in his uneventful (a story for another day) stint as a banker otherwise he ought to have known that any person who holds pubic wealth on trust, like Ikpeazu; has a duty imposed on him to give account from start to finish. The question is: is work completed or progressing at an enviable stage after flag off?. Yes! Let his cronies travel either by foot or car round Aba. Without Otti’s illusive N100b loan, Faulks Road and no fewer than thirty other roads in Aba alone are looking better than they had been in thirty years. This is not counting the various other great efforts at improving infrastructure across the State.

It is better than commissioning a rural road halfway like Otti did at Isiala Ngwa a fortnight ago.. It is way better than flagging off campaign just to open account for corporate begging in the name of  sourcing for funds for electioneering.

2. Otti is not a governor. He has no single project to his name in Abia. The next time you visit Abia, you will notice that this man who was defeated roundly at the 2015 polls has no fewer than 100 billboards to his name. The one he has at his office along Bank Road Umuahia is large enough to be used by students of Advertising in the study of economic waste in marketing. And you begin to wonder, how did we give a hypocrite so much space to shoot himself on the foo?.
3. Otti is not a governor. He has no single project to his name in Abia. But, he has 30mins in five radio stations every week across Abia State. To do what? Propagate falsehood, peddle rumour and hoodwink the consciousness of unsuspecting Abians. Perhaps, in the unlikely event that he becomes governor, he will shut down all media houses to insult our intelligence.
Meanwhile, there’s a sitting Governor who has rejigged the industry spirit of Aba people, opened up access roads to critical business areas, ignited a revolution in agriculture, put Enyimba International on the world map of football by delivering a world class pitch, facilitated aggressive development in MSMEs, superintended aggressive rural electrification, improved infrastructure in public schools across the State and most importantly promoted a regime of enviable social investment imperatives. Yet! An aspirant Otti is on radio everyday saying nothing and creating confusion in the minds of Abians.
4. Otti is not governor. But, on the day of his charade called declaration, he shamelessly caused to be mobilized and had mobilized youths even from as far as Benue State paying each person a paltry N1000 just to give that false impression that he is on ground. Which ground?
Otti is an Old Boy of Ngwa High School where he chose as his venue for declaration. My friends of Class 90 did that entrance gate. Meanwhile, after over 30 years of graduating from that school, there is not even a single conical flask in Ott’s name. Yet, he wants us to believe that just by the unlikely event of being elected Governor, he would learn how to use his left hand at old age. A first class brain? How?
5. If Ikpeazu hadn’t given a facelift to raods that lead to Arochukwu, how come Otti stopped flying airplane to his native home? Why wouldn’t Otti tell the world that the first time he drove by road to his Arochukwu couthry home was after the strategic intervention of Ikpeazu. If he still doubts, then let him be conveyed to his village by his very many billboards along Arocukwu
6. At Ngwa High School and in less than one month, he has increased the alleged salary owed teachers in the State. At Ngwa School, it was 10 months and now 12months. A man who deploys a sharp blade to slice the pride of teachers just so he is elected Governor doesn’t deserve a chance at all. Otti may be first class but he needs lessons on how not to tell lies. He needs to be schooled thoroughly on what is called BUILIDNG TO LAST. Could this be why he applied mundane, rustic and outlandish policy directives in Diamond Bank so much that 2000 members of staff were laid off shortly after his exit? Is that the type of government he proposes to run in Abia? Where the law is made victim of fraud?
Otti and his retinue of propagandists, misdirected irredentists, radio rats, billboard maestros, jingle apologists, cheap blackmailers and busy bodies should first put their APGA house of commotion in order. That way, they shall have passed the first litmus test of preparation for governance. They should harmonize their multiple factions in Abia as a prelude to team work. Governance can never be a slave to drama. I believe and strongly too that given the same opportunity, Ikpeazu will reiterate that Alex Otti is everything but an opposition a hardworking governor should bath an eyelid righting off. If you doubt me, ask Alex Otti why he’s not able to denounce the conduct he claims is inimical to growth. May we have an opposition with sense joy the one it’s proponent constantly makes good governance a slave to grammar.

Udechukwu, writes from Umuahia

Friday, 3 August 2018



On Monday August 6, 2018, all roads will lead to the International Conference Centre, Umuahia, for the unveiling and public presentation of the book, THE SCHOLAR IN GOVERNANCE: A Kaleidoscope on Dr. Okezie Victor Chibuikem Ikpeazu, under the distinguished chairmanship of Chief Emeka Anyaoku, former Secretary General of the Commonwealth of Nations.

The book will be reviewed by a distinguished academic, Professor Blessing C. Didia, Vice-Chancellor, Rivers State University.

The Scholar in Governance is an empirical and expository appraisal of Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu's philosophy and life experiences, his vision for Abia State and their cumulative impact on the socio-economic fortunes of the state. It dissects and analyzes Dr. Ikpeazu’s performance in two and half years as the Governor of Abia State and found out that, being a distinguished scholar and consumate academic, Governor Ikpeazu came prepared, with a shared and transformative vision, Okezuo Abia.  This inclusive and all-encompassing blueprint seeks to transform Abia into an economically vibrant state and uplift the lives of its people.

The Scholar in Governance reveals that Ikpeazu inherited a state with poor and dilapidated infrastructural network and in dire financial stress, coupled with nationwide economic recession. It also unravels Dr. Ikpeazu’s multi-facetted travails and how he ultimately triumphed over them. His magic wand being an in-depth knowledge of the State, its people and their existential predicaments, coupled with an irrevocable commitment to service above self.

The book likened Governor Ikpeazu to Socrates who believes that the secret of positive change and transformation is to focus all of one’s energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.

Little wonder he has succeeded in overcoming the vicious circle of underdevelopment which hitherto had appeared to have an irredeemable grip on the State. He has embarked on and completed projects that were considered to be impossible tasks by successive governments, both federal and state. These include the control of the notorious and hydra-headed perennial flooding along Faulks, Ukwumango, Ama-Ikonne, Ariaria axis, construction and dualization of the 4.6 kilometre Brass Street / Faulks Road; the 6.8 kilometre dual underground drainage from Ifeobara to Waterside; the reconstruction of Aba Road, Umuahia, the ongoing reconstruction of Port Harcourt Road, Aba, as well as a state of the art Abia Investment Complex which facilitates ease of doing business in the state, etc.

The book also beams its searchlight on the revolutions in agricultire, education, trade and investment, and reveals that, with improved security and infrastructural network, and the attendant ease of doing business, Abia has started witnessing resurgence in growth and development. Appreciating Governor Ikpeazu’s unprecedented developmental feats, the Vice President, Professor Yemi Osinbajo, enthusiastically remarks, "on each of my visits to Abia State, I see something new, something different and something innovative. I am proud of Governor Ikpeazu and the passion he brings to governance”.

In this work, the Abia State University serves Abians and the general public a delicious delicacy encompassing the Vision, Travails and Successes of a Philosopher-King Midwifing the Abia Dream. The University solicits the support of all Abians, captains of industry and members of the general public.

More-so, the Governor has magnanimously dedicated all proceeds from the project to the erection and equipment of an ultra-modern post-graduate research laboratory in Biochemistry at the Abia State University.

May we all herald and savor this book and the cause to which it is dedicated with delight as Dr. Okezie Victor Chibuikem Ikpeazu triumphantly leads Abia to the promised land.

Director, Business Resource Centre, (Entrepreneur),
Abia State University, Uturu.

Friday, 27 July 2018


1. The 3rd National Council Meeting on Niger Delta was held at the International Conference Center, Ogurube New Layout, Umuahia, Abia State, from 23rd to 27th July, 2018. The Meeting was declared open by the Honourable Minister, Ministry of Niger Delta Affairs (MNDA), Pastor Usani Uguru Usani. The theme of the Meeting was "Fostering Synergy and Institutional Coordination for Development in the Niger Delta Region". Fifty three (53) members drawn from the nine (9) states of the Niger Delta region, relevant Federal and States Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs), representatives of Development Partners, Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and International Oil Companies (IOCs), attended this year's meeting.

2. Preceding the Council was a three day Technical Committee session held from 23rd - 25th July 2018. The Technical Session was declared open by the Governor of Abia State Government, His Excellency, Okezie Ikpeazu (Ph.D), who was represented by the Deputy Governor of the State, Rt Hon. Ude Oko Chukwu, and chaired by the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Niger Delta Affairs, Aminu Aliyu Bisalla. The technical session received and evaluated 34 memoranda while 27 were recommended for consideration and approval by the Council. Six (6) papers on critical subjects relating to the theme of the meeting were presented and discussed at the plenary session

3. The Council expressed concern over the lack of implementation of past approved memoranda and urged the Ministry of Niger Delta Affairs (MNDA) to revisit and implement the resolutions reached at the last Council.

4. The Council called on the MNDA to redouble its efforts in coordinating projects and programmes execution by all intervening bodies in the region in order to accelerate development.

5. The Council noted the importance of strengthening monitoring and evaluation of projects by all stakeholders to ensure transparency and accountability.

6. The Council made the following notes and recommendations:

i. Noted that youth empowerment remains a veritable means to engender peace and should be intensified and called for programmes targeted at peaceful youth and communities;

ii. Recalled the approval at the 2nd Council on Niger Delta of a Youth Sports Engagement Programme (YSEP) to promote peaceful coexistence, harmony and stability. This project should be immediately pursued;

iii. Enhance engagement of communities in the security and peace efforts in the region;

iv. Reiterated the need for alternative sources of funding for the completion of ongoing capital projects in the region and encourage the adoption of Public Private Partnership (PPP) for the delivery of critical infrastructure and services;

v. Noted the importance of the Inter-Ministerial committee chaired by the Vice President as a vehicle for promoting synergy and cooperation that is required to galvanize collective support for the development agenda of the Niger Delta region;

vi. Noted the need to give greater attention to women and gender issues at all levels of government in the region for inclusiveness;

vii. Noted the spate of abandoned and ongoing projects resulting from inadequate funding and called for concerted efforts to develop a work plan through coordinated efforts by implementing MDAs and emphasized a buy-in of stakeholders in the Niger Delta Development Plan;

viii. Noted the importance of education for employment policy as exemplified in Abia State and encourage its replication in other parts of the region;

ix. Emphasized the need for education, sensitization and training of host communities in the oil producing areas on disaster mitigation by relevant stakeholders.

7. Council particularly expressed deep appreciation to the President and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, President Muhammadu Buhari, GCFR and the Vice President, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, SAN, GCON for their relentless efforts towards the development of the Niger Delta region. The Governor, Government and people of Abia state are highly appreciated for their laudable support and hospitality for the success of the 3rd Council Meeting.

Dr. Sam U. Eno
Planning, Research and Statistics

Issued at Umuahia, Abia State on this day, the 27th of July, 2018.

Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Ekweremadu: How 200 security operatives held me hostage for over six hours

Ike Ekweremadu, deputy senate president, says whoever is behind the siege laid to his residence and that of Senate President Bukola Saraki is not a friend of the country.

In a statement on Wednesday, Uche Anichukwu, media aide of Ekeweramdu, quoted the deputy senate president as calling on Nigerians to condemn the incident.He said for over six hours, a combined team of policemen, operatives of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) and other agencies prevented him from leaving his house.

The deputy senate president said he was worried because the nation’s democracy is allegedly being derailed by the current administration. “On Tuesday morning, some people laid siege to my house. They left at about 12:20pm after spending about six and half hours,”the statement read.

"We anticipated that a number of our colleagues in All Progressives Congress (APC) would defect and join People’s Democratic Party (PDP). In anticipation of that, the APC leadership had tried tostop them. When that didn’t happen, the first thing they did was invite President of the Senate to cometo the Police. They believed that once the President of the Senate goes to the Police, I would be the one to preside and probably give effect to the letter of defection

.“In anticipation of that, the Police, EFCC, and other security agencies came together, about 200 of them, to stop me from going to the national assembly. They said I should come to the EFCC to give explanation over the things I was accused of. I agreed to follow them even though there was no prior invitation, but they were not eager to let me goto answer the invitation

.“The plan was to stop me and the president of the senate from going to the national assembly today. Unfortunately for them, the president of the senate was already at the senate to preside over the plenary session.

"This is not good for democracy. We must respect the law, respect institutions because that is the only way we can make progress as a nation. This istotal embarrassment to our nation. I hope this will not happen again.”Ekweremadu said his official quarters is like an aspect of the national assembly, wondering why such could happen there.He also said the advisers of the president ought to counsel him properly.“I am very worried. This is a decline in our democracy. I want to call on the media and Nigerians to stand up for Nigeria and ensure we save our democracy,” he said.

"This is a dangerous development. The whole worldexpects Nigeria to lead in democracy in Africa. We need to make progress and show the world that Nigerians are indeed leaders in every aspect of life.“When you invade the national assembly, you are invading the temple of democracy. That is exactly what has happened today. This is a major assault on democracy.

"Those advising the president should advise him correctly. As a result of this occurrence, senate hadto go on recess when there are outstanding issues to attend to. Nigerians are loosing. Whoever is behind this is not a good friend of Nigeria.”

Tuesday, 24 July 2018

As the Liberation Bell Continues to Ring, Ihedioha’s Manifesto remains the Best

As the Liberation Bell Continues to Ring, Ihedioha’s Manifesto remains the Best

After a few days break, the members of the Imo Liberation Team were excited to see their Boss, the Chief Liberator, back to continue with the Ward to Ward consultation across the 305 wards in the State. With over 230 wards visited, His Excellency, Rt. Hon. Emeka Nkem Ihedioha took some days break to address some personal issues and engage in consultative meetings for the betterment of our dear State. I have always advocated that politicians must have a life outside politics. Ihedioha outside politics is a responsible family man, a student, a teacher, a caring father, uncle, brother and a compassionate friend to many.

The good people of Ideato South were all excited as Rt. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha arrived the LGA on a one day visit across the wards in the area. Rt. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha, the immediate past deputy speaker of the federal republic, arrived the LGA not just to meet with the delegates on his ambition, but to interact with the party members on the way forward come 2019. Ihedioha believes that for the 2019 election to be won, the grassroots must be mobilized to stand up for their right and defend their mandates. Ihedioha believes that the victory of the PDP in 2019 is dependent on how well the members of the party are mobilized and not just the delegates. While the delegates will take critical decisions on behalf of the members, the members will amplify their decisions to victory. This singular act of sensitizing the members of the party at the grassroots, given them hope and sinking the message of the New PDP in them, has remained a strong sailing point of the Ihedioha Campaign Train.

At the residence of Barr. Prince Odoemena, of Dekenafai ancient kingdom, Rt. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha did not change his message. He assured the members of the party that the PDP will not only win the elections in 2019, but will offer quality leadership that will be appreciated by all Imolites and deepen democracy. He noted that Local Government administration will be restored while job opportunities will be provided for the youths. Women and youths empowerment will be made a priority and respect shall be accorded to senior citizens and the physically challenged. Quality education and quality infrastructural development shall remain a cardinal objective of His admiration when He takes over in 2019. According to the former no six citizen, Real development shall be the hallmark of the administration, markets,  Schools, pipe born water, electricity and rural roads shall receive adequate and due attention.

One must without doubt appreciate the manifesto of Hope offered by Rt. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha. Ihedioha’s manifesto has remained consistent and unambiguous. It’s a manifesto that addresses the difficulties of the masses and to a large extent proffers solutions to them. The Ihedioha manifesto is a manifesto for Imo People. It’s a manifesto for the elite, it’s a manifesto for the common man. It’s a manifesto for the Keke riders and manifesto for Shop owners, traders and civil servants. It’s a manifesto for the total emancipation of Imo people from the bad governance they are witnessing today to a total turnaround in all sectors. Ihedioha’s manifesto has remained ever-blazing and all inclusive. Ihedioha represents the rebranded PDP which has vowed to make development its objective.

His Excellency, Rt. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha was received by notable leaders of the party led by Hon. Rufus Omeire, former member of House of Representatives, Hon. Njaka Duruiheoma, Assistant State Secretary of PDP, Sir Tony Mbaegbu, Chairman PDP Ideato South, Hon. Jonas Ukaegbu, (Amsure), Chief Durukwuoaku, Sir Osy Duru, Hon. Ifeanyi Ekwueme,  Hon Chibueze Emelu, Architect Chidi Okoli, Ideato North PDP leader, Hon. Chinenye Nwabueze, Coordinator Team Ihedioha, Ideato North, Hon. Noble Onyeka, Hon. Njesi Ernest, 2015 House of Assembly Candidate Idea to North,  Coordinator Ihedioha Campaign Management Committee, Ideato South, Barr. Prince Odoemenam, together with other leaders and stakeholders of the party in the area.

At the first point of call, Rt. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha met with  Umuobom Ward,  Umuakam/ Umuago Ward, Dikenafai Ward, (d) Isiekenesi Ward 1 and Isiekensi Ward 2. He later moved to the LGA Party Secretariat in Ntueke to meet with Amanato/Umueshi, Ntueke, Obiohia and Umuchima, wards. The last point of call was the residence of Hon Dr Rufus Omeire in Umumaishiaku, where He met with Ogboko Ward 1, Ogboko Ward 2,  Umumaisiaku and Ugbelle Wards.

In all, the people of Ideato South made a bold statement, WE ARE WITH YOU IN THIS PROJECT.

Sunday, 22 July 2018


I have made verifiable & enduring impact in all the zones in Imo State~Ihedioha.
The Imo State Opposition leader, Rt. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha has released the first phase of his project interventions in all the three senatorial zones of Imo State when he served as the Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives.
Following the release of the projects and there locations, Ihedioha reflected that he was guided by a deep sense of inclusivess and equity in siting the projects.
Speaking further, Ihedioha said,”” I served with posterity in mind. I served, mindful of the day of reckoning. I was not self-serving, benefits for Imo people was my primary interest and focus””

Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Nkechi Ikpeazu: Woman with a Heart of Gold

Nkechi Ikpeazu: Woman with a Heart of Gold

By @StJudeNdukwe

Office of the First Lady in Nigeria has since become synonymous with power, influence and flamboyance. While many have used their positions as wives of presidents or governors to simply elevate themselves, enhance their private pockets and prove their class before others, some others have come to see the opportunity of being the wife of a governor as a divine providence for the betterment of the people who their husbands govern.

Those who belong to the latter have also used their privileged positions to positively impact their husbands on the way they govern, and it shows. Most times, when a performing governor like Dr Okezie Ikpeazu is being commended for his sterling performance in the State, some do not reckon the contributions of a woman like Mrs Nkechi ikpeazu, whose motherly role is obvious.

An ordained Deaconess of the Christian faith, the Abia’s First Lady has conducted her activities in the State like a true angel sent by God at this trying time in the history of the nation particularly as it concerns the welfare of women and the girl-child.

As the Founder of Vicar Hope Foundation, she has been touching lives in no small measure, using the Foundation to create immense awareness on the sickle cell disease that has ravaged a large number of citizens. It is even more pathetic that those who suffer from this disease do so for no fault of theirs but only if the needed awareness was created on the need for couples to check their blood groups and genotypes before going into procreation.

Owing to the devastating effects of this disease on the populace, Deaconess Nkechi Ikpeazu showed how serious she is with this issue to the extent that she pursued it to the highest levels in Abia State until the Abia State Blood Group and Genotype Identification Law 2018 was passed by the State House of Assembly.

Apart from creating awareness, The President of Vicar Hope Foundation has also sponsored treatment and palliatives for victims of the sickle cell disease in the State. She has also sent her team of qualified medical personnel on seminars and other skill/knowledge improvement programmes outside Abia on the current management of sickle cell disorder. According to her, “We are committed to ensuring that Abia children who are suffering from this disease are given the best type of attention and care to enable them lead a normal life”.

The cooperation, mutual support and shared vision the Deaconess enjoys with her husband is reflected in a book co-authored by her and the governor titled: “Towards a Better Tomorrow, a Guide for Teen Years”, which was also co-published by the Vicar Hope Foundation and the Abia State government. the subsequent public presentation of the book also reflects the commitment of the governor, Dr Okezie Ikpeazu, and his easy going wife, Mrs Nkechi Ikpeazu, to the welfare of children in Abia State, an immeasurable contribution that has also seen to the excellent performance of Abia school children in national exams.

She has taken her advocacy for the protection and promotion of the right of women and the girl child a notch higher by recently leading some women to pay the governor an official visit at the Executive Chambers of Government House, Umuahia, where the governor assured that all that needs to be done to continue to protect women and the girl child from abuse and violence would be done.

Without the usual monthly allocation from state treasury for her office as First Lady to run her pet projects, Mrs Ikpeazu, has found a way of working with relevant government agencies to keep her humanitarian work going. For example, she collaborated with the National Directorate of Employment (NDE) to teach skills to over 250 women, and thereafter empowered them all, both financially and materially, in order for them to start off their enterprise and remain self-reliant. Over 1,000 grinding machines, sewing machines and such other items were distributed to the women.

Through her Widows/Indigent Shelter Scheme, WISS, the wife of the governor has built over 50 befitting housing units for widows and indigent women in Abia, using direct labour and thereby making prudent use of scarce resources while also providing job opportunities for those engaged in the buildings.

This, no doubt, has brought succor to these women, some of who were victims of obnoxious and archaic laws that denied them rightful ownership or a share of the properties left behind by their husbands, reason why the issue of protection of the rights of women and the girl child is also of topmost priority for Mrs Ikpeazu.

Another commendable humanitarian service of the Abia First Lady is her ‘Abia Book and Learning Link’ which has seen her build and furnish two new schools with over 2,000 books distributed to pupils free of charge.

Mrs Ikpeaqzu’s kind gestures are not limited to women, the girl child and scholars, as she keeps searching for those to show love and kindness to, through the Vicar Hope Foundation, she recently distributed over 340 wheelchairs, 100 crutches, and in collaboration with Tolaram Charity Foundation, gave out 150 prostheses to amputees at no cost to the beneficiaries.

From the foregoing, Mrs Nkechi Ikpeazu who has brought exemplary simplicity to her role as Wife of the Governor and position as First Lady of Abia State, once stated: “The world can be a better place if we see each other through. We are not here on earth to see through each other, rather, we are here to see each other through”.

Having done so much for the people, her drive and passion to touch lives and bring succor to humanity without getting weary is defined by her relationship with God. To this end she once said, “This is my covenant with God, to give hope to the hopeless. With him, we will do more.” And, indeed, this woman with a heart of gold is doing more. Abia State is a witness!

Sunday, 1 July 2018


As Mr CAPACITY Scores Another Goal

Yesterday, His Excellency, Rt. Hon. Emeka Nkem Ihedioha, was in Amuzi/Ihenweorie ward to inaugurate the Ward arm of His Support group, Ihedioha Youth Movement, in the area. However, the women, men and the good people of Amuzi/Ihenweorie came out in their numbers to receive their Son, Emeka Ihedioha.

One of the sailing points of Chief Emeka Ihedioha is that his ambition, person and entire life are synonymous with CAPACITY. Capacity in leadership is a very scarce commodity. Capacity in leadership entails that a leader must be prepared, He must be sincere, contended and compassionate. Capacity in leadership entails that a leader must have traceable antecedents and good track record. Chief Ihedioha stands tall in all these. His antecedents are very visible, his records are public documents. He has used all the positions given to him by God through the people, to contribute positively to the society.

He has continued to galvanize the support of Imo people from all angles. With Ihedioha Youth Movement, Team Ihedioha, Imo Liberation Movement, Ihedioha Solidarity Movement, Ihedioha Students Movement, Drivers for Ihedioha, Keke Operators, Artisans, market unions, Okada Drivers for Ihedioha, Ihedioha women, amongst others, all functional and efficient down to the wards,  with their leaderships intact with capable individuals, there is no apt definition of the Word CAPACITY than the man IHEDIOHA.

Good spirited individuals donated souvenirs to the people in support of the Imo Liberation agenda. The State Leadership of the Youth Movement was led by an articulate gentleman, Comr. Engr. Rex Okoro, Ogbugu, alongside his zonal Coordinators and LGA leaders across the State.