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download best of yinka ayefele dj mix

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Monday, 25 February 2019

Breaking: Buhari wins the presidential election in Kogi

Breaking: Buhari wins the presidential election in Kogi

Breaking: Buhari wins the presidential election in Kogi


President Muhammadu Buhari of the All Progressives Congress (APC) has won the presidential election in Kogi State having polled overall votes of 285, 894 to defeat his main challenger, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar who polled 218,207 votes.

The presidential results declared by the Kogi State Collation Officer, Prof Michael Adikwu of the University of Abuja, showed that Buhari won in 14 out of the 21 LGAs of the state while Atiku won in seven.

Buhari led Atiku with a wide margin of 67,687 votes.
Breakdown of the result declared is as below:

APC- 21,109

APC- 7,377
PDP- 10,137


APC- 13,253
PDP- 10, 710

APC- 8,507
PDP- 12,423

APC- 16, 588
PDP- 10,392

APC- 3,646

APC- 13,545
PDP – 10,307

APC- 13,171
PDP- 10,374

APC- 24,983
PDP- 18,351

APC- 2,323
PDP- 1,956

APC- 18,222
PDP- 11,965

APC- 37,617

APC- 12,229
PDP- 11, 325

APC- 8,206
PDP- 11,815

APC- 9,131
PDP- 14,888

Yagba East
APC- 5,687
PDP- 8,841

Yagba West
APC- 7,175
PDP- 9,419

APC- 21,392
PDP- 10, 455

PDP- 8,784

APC- 7,650
PDP- 6,082

In a related development, the Kogi East Senatorial Election has been declared Inconclusive.

The returning officer, Prof Rotimi Ajayi of the Federal University Lokoja announced the result at the Senatorial collation Centre, Idah as follows; Jibrin Isah Echocho Of APC -113,772, Aidoko Ali Of PDP – 69,131, Victor Adoji Of ADC – 30,696.

Prof Ajayi said elections were canceled in 129 polling units therefore, declared the election inconclusive.

From the election declared so far in Kogi, PDP has won 1 senate and 1 Reps seat, APC won 2 senates and 7 Reps seats, while ADC won 1 rep seat.

Buhari overwhelmingly sweeps 32 LGAs in Kanons-in-kano

Buhari overwhelmingly sweeps 32 LGAs in Kanons-in-kano

Buhari overwhelmingly sweeps 32 LGAs in Kanons-in-kano
Buhari overwhelmingly sweeps 32 LGAs in Kano as Atiku struggles for 25% of the votes.
The following are results of the presidential election submitted to the Kano State Collation Officer.
Officials count votes in front of voters during the presidential and parliamentary elections on February 23, 2019, at a polling station in Port Harcourt, southern Nigeria. – Nigerians began voting for a new president on February 23, after a week-long delay that has raised political tempers, sparked conspiracy claims and stoked fears of violence. Some 120,000 polling stations began opening from 0700 GMT, although there were indications of a delay in the delivery of some materials and deployment of staff, AFP reporters said. (Photo AFP)
Tudun Wada LGA
APC: 38,865
PDP: 10,707
Reg Voters: 125,667
Accredited Voters:54,555
Valid Votes: 49,991
Rejected Votes:1067
Votes Cast:51,058
Tsanyawa LGA
APC: 25,823
PDP: 5,399
Code: 040
Reg Voters:
Accredited Voters:
Valid Votes: 31,727
Rejected Votes:1,185
Votes Casted:32,912
Sumaila LGA
APC: 34,609
PDP: 4,9044
Reg Voters: 107,361
Accredited Voters:42,624
Valid Votes: 40,163
Rejected Votes:1,667
Votes Casted:41,830
Gwarzo LGA
APC: 33,581
PDP: 10,682
Reg Voters: 105,341
Accredited Voters: 47,041
Valid Votes: 44,855
Rejected Votes: 1,640
Votes Casted: 46,395
Kibiya LGA
APC: 18,085
PDP: 11,028
Reg Voters: 72,715
Accredited Voters:30,692
Valid Votes: 29,408
Rejected Votes: 821
Votes Casted: 30,229
Rano LGA
APC: 23,855
PDP: 7,055
Code: 032
Reg Voters: 76,966
Accredited Voters:33,118
Valid Votes: 31,444
Rejected Votes:1007
Votes Casted: 32,451
Ajingi LGA
APC: 21,458
PDP: 5,267
Code: 001
Reg Voters: 72,182
Accredited Voters: 29,470
Valid Votes: 27,491
Rejected Votes:1,575
Votes Casted:29,066
Gezawa LGA
APC: 29,954
PDP: 8,246
Code: 017
Reg Voters: 103,527
Accredited Voters:41,804
Valid Votes: 39,735
Rejected Votes: 1861
Votes Casted: 41,596
Gwale LGA
APC: 50,834
PDP: 12,283
Reg Voters: 226,792
Accredited Voters:68,407
Valid Votes: 64,459
Rejected Votes: 2,922
Votes Casted:67,381
Bebeji LGA
APC: 26,023
PDP: 8,190
Code: 004
Reg Voters: 76,740
Accredited Voters:35,839
Valid Votes: 34,635
Rejected Votes:648
Votes Casted:35,278
Gaya LGA
APC: 25,864
PDP: 6,577
Reg Voters: 93,834
Accredited Voters:35,758
Valid Votes: 33,295
Rejected Votes:1,127
Votes Casted:34,422
Albasu LGA
APC: 36,412
PDP: 10,285
Reg Voters: 89,684
Accredited Voters:38,657
Valid Votes: 37,083
Rejected Votes:1,019
Votes Casted:38,102
Warawa LGA
APC: 19,073
PDP: 6,101
Code: 043
Reg Voters: 68,951
Accredited Voters: 27,862
Valid Votes: 24,389
Rejected Votes: 1017
Votes Casted: 25,406
Garun Malam LGA
Code: 015
APC: 23,810
PDP: 4,861
Registered Voters: 73,027
Accredited Voters 31,641
Valid Votes: 29,004
Votes Casted: 30,986
Tofa LGA
Code: 039
APC: 19,984
PDP: 7,732
Registered Voters: 71,348
Accredited Voters 30,227
Valid Votes: 28,101
Rejected Votes:1,651
Votes Casted: 30,986
Kunchi LGA
Code: 026
APC: 20,375
PDP: 4,983
Registered Voters: 58,334
Accredited Voters 27,281
Valid Votes: 25,753
Rejected Votes:1,142
Votes Casted: 26,895
Magwai LGA
Code: 03
APC: 23,375
PDP: 10,584
Registered Voters: 89,134
Accredited Voters 36,929
Valid Votes: 34,601
Rejected Votes: 1,096
Votes Casted: 35,697
Garko LGA
APC: 22,356
PDP: 2840
Reg Voters: 91,656
Accredited Voters:27,856
Valid Votes: 25,955
Rejected Votes: 1299
Votes Cast: 27,254
Doguwa LGA
APC: 25454
PDP: 7013
Reg Voters: 71,663
Accredited Voters:34,610
Valid Votes: 32,735
Rejected Votes: 649
Votes Cast: 33,384
Kabo LGA
APC: 29,482
PDP: 8,955
Reg Voters: 84,423
Accredited Voters:41510
Valid Votes: 39036
Rejected Votes: 1634
Votes Cast: 40,670
Kiru LGA
APC: 36,739
PDP: 12,205
Code: 24
Reg Voters:123,058
Accredited Voters: 52,166
Valid Votes: 49,677
Rejected Votes: 1557
Votes Cast: 51,234
Shanono LGA
APC: 24,173
PDP: 8,469
Code: 35
Reg Voters:69,796
Accredited Voters: 35,135
Valid Votes: 33,386
Rejected Votes: 1054
Votes Cast: 34,440
Danbatta LGA
APC: 31850
PDP: 6,947
Reg Voters: 112,501
Accredited Voters: 43,772
Valid Votes: 39,720
Rejected Votes:2,119
Votes Cast: 41,839
Wudil LGA
APC: 28,755
PDP: 5,108
Reg Voters:107,507
Accredited Voters:36,899
Valid Votes: 34754
Rejected Votes:1250
Votes Cast: 36004
Bichi LGA
APC: 42,714
PDP: 11,050
Code: 05
Reg Voters:131,059
Accredited Voters: 58,707
Valid Votes: 54931
Rejected Vote: 2596
Votes Cast: 57,527
Ungogo LGA
APC: 51,842
PDP: 10,475
Minjibir LGA
APC: 27,725
PDP: 2840
There are 11 LGAs left to determine whether Atiku will find a level play ground in Kano

#NigeriaDecides2019: Final INEC results of presidential election (LIVE UPDATES)

#NigeriaDecides2019: Final INEC results of presidential election (LIVE UPDATES)

#NigeriaDecides2019: Final INEC results of the presidential election (LIVE UPDATES)

Kwara State C.O: Prof. A. Bala ⁠ Collation of Results Total No: Reg Voters: 1,401 895 Total No: of Accredited: 489,482 Total Votes Cast: 486,254 Total Valid Votes: 459,676 Rejected Votes: 26,578 AAC: 401 ADC: 456 ADP: 203 APC: 308,984 PDP: 138,184 SDP: 212

F.C.T C.O: Prof. Moh'd S. L ⁠ ⁠ Collation of Results Total No: Reg Voters: 1,335,015 Total No: of Accredited: 467,784 Total Votes Cast: 451,408 Total Valid Votes: 423,951 Rejected Votes: 27,457 AAC: 583 ADC: 246 ADP: 145 APC: 152,224 PDP: 259,997 SDP: 410

Live Update: Ekiti State ⁠ ⁠ Collation of Results Total No: Reg Voters: 899,919 Total No: of Accredited: 395,741 Total Votes Cast: 393,709 Total Valid Votes: 381,132 Rejected Votes: 12,577 AAC: 400 ADC: 406 ADP: 126 APC: 219,231 PDP: 154,032 SDP: 48

Live Update: Osun State ⁠ ⁠ Collation of Results Total No: Reg Voters: 1,674,729 Total No: of Accredited: 732,984 Total Votes Cast: 731,882 Total Valid Votes: 714,682 Rejected Votes: 17200 AAC: 1,022 ADC: 1,525 ADP: 9,057 APC: 347,634 PDP: 337,377 SDP: 259

Breaking News INEC Chairman, Prof Mahmood Yakubu formally flags off the announcement of the 2019 General Elections results. Ekiti State’s Collation Officer announces the results for Ekiti State.