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Why married people look alike after a while

Why married people look alike after a while

So there is thing that you or may not have noticed – couples who have been together for a while may soon become to alike.

As a matter of fact, I have heard so many people talk about it, and there are some couples who actually look alike so much. Pastor E.A Adeboye and Pastor [Mrs] Folu Adeboye are like that. Barack Obama and Michelle Obama are like that as well.

You look at your parents and couples around your neighborhood and notice the same pattern to a certain degree.

So the question is; why does this happen?


Professor Osinbajo and his wife, Mrs Dolapo, have been married for 30 years [Credit – Instagram]

A new study published in the journal PLOS Genetics suggests that this truly happens and that it can be traced to the idea many pairs of spouses actually have the same ancestry. In simpler words, they were related even before they got hitched!!!

Wait, what???

The researchers observed at the genomes of 879 couples from three generations of white people with Northern and Western European, Southern European, and Ashkenazi ancestry.

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It was obvious that the people had a tendency to marry people who shared their genes, but interestingly, this bias lessened with every generation.

Credit – Twitter Barack Obama

Barack and Michelle Obama [Credit – Twitter Barack Obama]

One possible reason for that reduction is that as civilization occurred and the world continues to become more of a global village, people now generally look for love in more places than their parents did. People are open to dating foreigners, people from other tribes and really just spreading their tentacles out, far and wide.

Another possible reason for couples looking alike, and much cuter than the previous reason posted, is linked to another research.

Posted in NY Times years back, the study indicates that over time, married couples begin to look alike because they share emotions so often that they experience the same “subtle shifts in facial wrinkles and other facial contours.”

Laughing at the same TV shows and furrowing your brow at the same rambunctious kid would soon have your faces taking the same lines, same contours, same crinkle around the eyes and before you know, the similarity begins to show.

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