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Toke Makinwa, Zodiac signs and trash relationship behaviours

Toke Makinwa, Zodiac signs and trash relationship behaviours

Depending on who you are and what your interests are, this past weekend [that ended August 25, 2019] could have been marked for any of quite a number of reasons.

Surely there were weddings to be excited about, football games to be dejected about [ Arsenal, ManUtd], and others to be elated about [Chelsea, Liverpool] ; big brother continued and we saw Gedoni get booted out of the house, alongside Jackye.

And then, of course, there was Toke Makinwa doing the most Toke Makinwa thing ever.

The media personaIity who always somehow hogs the news for controversial reasons recorded a video in what can only be mildly described as a moment of thoughtlessness and the said clip bears all the hallmarks of something imprudently done.

As seen on Twitter, Toke declares herself a crazy person, lists some of the traits that come with being in a relationship with someone like her, and by way of justification, links all of that to her star sign.

Toke Makinwa often gives relationship advice on her Youtube channel, too [Credit: Toke Makiwa/Youtube]

“I am a crazy person,” she says in the filtered clip. “I’m Scorpio. If you’ve ever been with a Scorpio chick, you’ll know that we’re quite crazy.”

“I’m the kind of chick that will piss my man off just because. Like, why are you happy… just f*ck up his day … especially on those days that I know he can’t afford to be pissed off.”

The best time to throw those unnecessary tantrums, she says, would be on the man’s big day. It could be a big presentation, a big meeting or whatever was momentous and special for him. Toke of house Makinwa says she’s “that bitch that will bring hell that day just because.”

That is to say, for no reason, she considers it cool to ruin someone’s son’s day for no just cause, then try to make it good by sending him pictures of her in some state of undress.

“I piss him off, we argue for nothing… then when he’s busy I’ll send him that raunchy picture and be like what are you angry about again?

“That’s my way of saying good luck hun.”

Without beating around the bush, there are so many things that just instantly jump out of this and smack you right in the face as being toxic, unnecessary and so, so childish.

That she has limited men to simple creatures who would let you get away with literally any disgusting thing just by texting them nudes boils one’s blood but hey, it’s the least of the things to even be bothered about.

Enter, women like Toke Makinwa who justify trash behaviour with Zodiac signs

It’s not in my place to tell you that your belief in horoscope is wrong or right. Everyone has a right to their beliefs.

On the other hand, I can tell you for free that whatever negative thing your Zodiac sign profiles you as does not necessarily have to represent your reality. Your Zodiac sign and its assertion of you being difficult be damned.

Being Saggittarius, Leo or Aries is not, and never will be justification for being scum. Being Capricorn or Pisces also does not stop you from realizing your trash behavior, rectifying them and being better human to your partner or potential partners.

You can choose to be a better partner or the type to be dumped for pulling crazy stunts like the one prescribed by Toke Makinwa.

Toke wants you to piss off your man for no reason before bowing his mind with raunchy images [Instagram/TokeMakinwa]

So whatever positive or negative decision you choose to make from your belief in horoscopes is all yours and you are the one who should be blamed for the outcomes of your moves. You must be living in some grand delusion to think there can be any other way to view this relationship and marriage thing.

Looking for a way to spice up your relationship? Toke’s advice is not it

In the latter part of that clip showing Toke’s monologue, the Vlogger who sometimes gives relationship advice on her Youtube channel offers some to women who need a spark and more fun in their relationship.

“You ladies need to try it sometime,” she says.” You know, just cause some drama in your relationship, you know, life is boring.”

“When everything is boring, just f*ck shit up. Because you can. And when he’s acting like this girl is so f*cking stressful, really crazy and I can’t do this anymore, send him that really steamy, hot spicy sexy picture… always works.”

ask men

There are better ways to bring back the sexual spark in your relationship. [Credit – Ask Men]

What’s most unnerving about this statement, and the whole of that clip, as a matter of fact, is the blatancy of it. Whether as a clout-chasing gimmick, attention- seeking stunt or because she really means it [which I seriously suspect], the brazenness with which she expresses thoughts like these is quite disturbing.

There is nowhere in the world where peace of mind is bad for anyone. Also, a boring relationship or one that has lost its sexual spark can be rectified in better ways than .ing childish games and throwing witless tantrums like a toddler.

Here is an alternative, better way to bring back the sexual spark in your relationship, and if things ever get boring between you and your boo, here are peaceful, mature ways to get things interesting again.

The idea that you have to mess up your partner’s sanity for no reason, or as a precursor to the fire nudes you intend to share, belongs where all other unneeded things are dumped – the trash basket.

Anyone who thinks otherwise has tendencies to be a toxic, childish partner in a relationship.

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