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How expensive is dating and relationships for millennials?

How expensive is dating and relationships for millennials?

A lot of things could make or mar your love life and your desire for a relationship that actually works. From having to deal with liars and fake people, to being bothered about the other person’s understanding of gender roles in modern relationships and marriages.

And then for a lot of persons, there is the ever-present worry centered around money and how it’ll be made and spent for the furtherance of their love ministry. Whether or not people date, as well as who they end up with will often hinge on their financial abilities and their station in life at the time.

A certain stat from USA claims that 30% of millennials in the country feel their dating life is impacted by their financial stability, and it is hard to imagine that that same rule does not apply around here and in other parts of the world.

There is a link between financial stability and relationship happiness. (Credit – Ranchatdovetree)

Dating is hard for many [to varying degrees] simply because there just isn’t enough money to fund the activities that would form a wholesome, adrenaline-filled, enjoyable relationship. It’s just as simple as that.

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Yes, love don’t cost a thing. Regardless it still so damn expensive for many millennials in this part of the world where relationships are still largely defined by material gift giving and the amount of money one partner is willing to oil the other’s hands with on a regular basis.

And as expert, Dr Helen Fisher says: “Millennials are very ambitious. They are terrified of catching feelings and getting into relationships that they can’t (financially or mentally) manage.” 

She tells USA Today that millennials date in a “slow-love” pattern while highlighting other things that show how unaffordable relationships are to millennials.

“Two-thirds of people in their 20s still live at home,” Fisher continued, “not because they are lazy but because they are saving their money and they really feel that they need to get their career and finances in order before they marry.”


For many, there just isn’t enough money to fund the activities that would form a wholesome relationship [Credit: Portra/Getty]

Compared to previous times, dating now feels a lot more expensive. Maybe if high-brow, instagrammable ‘standards’ hadn’t been set by social media, love would have been less expensive to express… maybe the pressure to bust a budget for love would be alleviated and a true connection could flow more frequently than what seems to be the order of the day now.

As it is, dating and being in a relationship seems to cost too much for several millennial who would rather just not put themselves through the struggle of living up to the financial expectations of a relationship.

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