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3 reasons why you may never leave the friend zone

3 reasons why you may never leave the friend zone

When you’re dying for her and she says she does not see you as anything but a friend, the hurt could be as intense as when a bucket of cold water is emptied on you on a cold harmattan morning in Abuja.

By saying she does not want a romance but just a friendship with you, what that does is to firmly place you in the friend-zone, and this is not where most guys want to be with a lady they have feelings for.

So they reject the offer and distance themselves from the babe immediately. It’s either all or nothing.

On the flipside, some guys take the offer of friendship, hoping that somewhere along the line, the babe will see reason why she should change her mind and let the friendship grow into something more.

It’s sad that sometimes you just can’t ever get out of the friend zone [Credit –]

Sadly, things hardly ever . out this way and the guys stay grounded in the friend-zone for years. Or till when they finally have sense. Or ever.

Below are three reasons why this happens.

1. She’s selfish

When guys have romantic interests in a woman, they’re usually really nice and reasonably willing to do all it takes to get her.

So instead of completely shutting down the possibilities, they keep you around as friends because of the benefits they get by staying ‘friends’ with you.

The problem, however, is that, you’re giving her these gifts in the hope that they’ll convince her to say yes to you, and she knows this.

She gives little green lights occasionally. This makes you think she might be changing her mind but she’s just intentionally leading you on, so that you’ll remain stuck.

My guy, she does not really like you like that and she won’t ever date you. She’s just exploiting you!

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2. She’s scared

Another reason why you’ll never leave that babe’s friend zone is because she’s afraid that a relationship with you will crash and she’ll completely lose you – as a friend and as a lover.

Some babes prefer to not risk that friendship that has been built for years. They genuinely prefer to never lose you.

So, they keep you in the zone, no matter how hard you try to cross the line to the boyfriend space.

Big bROTHER Naija

Sometimes, you just can’t win no matter how hard you try [Credit -Big brother Naija]

3. You just can’t

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try and no matter what you do, you just won’t ever break out of the friend zone with a babe and you just have to respect that.

You either stay friends with her or leave. She won’t try to stop you.

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