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3 changes cheating men always go through

3 changes cheating men always go through

Here’s a list of some of the most recurrent traits that almost all cheating men exhibit:

Cheating on a partner is a dishonest act [Credit Black Excellence]

1. Lies

You really can’t separate one from the other. A cheating partner will surely have to lie and do it so well if the act is to remain undetected.

LeslieBeth Wish, a noted psychotherapist says cheaters will sometimes lay the groundwork for future lies ahead of time in order to cover their tracks later on in the relationship.

“They might begin way ahead of time by telling you that their workload at the office just dramatically increased because of reorganization or people leaving,” Wish told INSIDER. “These are lies, of course, so that when they are not with you, they have a great story to draw from.”

Cheating on a partner is in itself a dishonest act, so deception and lies just comes with the territory naturally.

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2. He acts out of character

His once typical and predictable behaviors, actions, and routines start to switch. If he comes home straight from work before and he no longer does that; if he would rather stay at home but now goes out so much and stays there for long… sudden deviations from norms should be a wake-up call that he may going out there wilding, being unfaithful to you.

He’s desiring privacy more than ever before (Credit – Ranchatdovetree)

3. An absurd need for privacy

Of course you know about this. When someone has something to hide, they become extra guarded, unnecessary secretive and very, very protective of their privacy.

Seeking privacy and demanding a need to be able to retreat into one’s corner occasionally is not a bad thing, or a weird desire to have but it is a thing that could get abused.

And the abuse of that right is often a pointer to something fishy.

One classic sign that a man is cheating on you is that he suddenly has a new need for privacy. This is due to the fact that when men cheat, their ability to maintain their privacy is an important part of keeping up the illusion of their faithfulness to you.

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