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Dangerous Effects Of Alcohol On The Human Body

Dangerous Effects Of Alcohol On The Human Body

From whatever angle it is viewed, alcohol is always dreadful.
You risk being addicted, damaging body organs like liver and
also losing control of your mind, which may be a huge risk to
your safety.
Alcohol should, therefore, be consumed responsibly.
The downsides of indiscriminate alcohol consumption are
numerous and terrible. Alcohol targets organs such as the liver
and may have short term consequences too. Alcohol contains
congeners, which have effects on the human brain and body
Alcohol Effects: Long Term Effects of Alcohol Consumption
Alcohol and Your Sperm
Alcohol inhibits the mass production of sperm cells in the
semen. Alcohol can affect the shape and reduce the mobility
of the male sperm too.
Alcohol versus Expectant Mothers
If you are pregnant, it is not advisable to drink too much
alcohol. You should be aware that the more alcohol in your
blood that gets to your fetus, the more exposure to the risks
of complications before and during childbirth.
Alcohol and cancer
All over the world, it is believed that the consumption of alcohol
plays a huge role in the causes of cancer. Research says even
if you are a moderate alcohol drinker, your chances of
developing cancer still, increase because of the presence of
ethanol triggers cancer-causing processes.
Alcohol and pain
Alcohol has been found to be an effective pain reliever. This
makes it easy to become abused and once that happens, you
are heading the path of a health disaster.
Short term effects
A high blood alcohol content (BAC) is dangerous to human
health and can even lead to death. Research asserts that at a
BAC of 0.4% and above, one can likely die.
However, once you have a BAC of 0.05% in one sitting,
your mind and judgment, as well as inhibitions, become
drastically impaired and reduced respectively.

A great number don’t know what amount of alcohol becomes
problematic to their well being. That is why it is
recommendable that you consume alcohol moderately and
responsibly to keep these side effects at bay. You can view
this slideshow of how alcohol affects the human body.
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