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This is a rebuttal about some of the erroneous and misleading if not mischievous rants of Mr. Okey Amuta on the matter under reference.
My name is Samuel Ezenwoke Umunna Nwuzor. I am a native of Umuehim Nvosi,  in Isiala Ngwa South LGA, of Abia State. Umuehim in the Village where Mazi Alex Otti claims to be his village in Ngwa land. During the 2015 elections, I voted in the same polling booth with Alex Otti. As I write on this matter, I write of what is unbiased opinion that is not influenced by cola nuts, hot drinks, cash gifts or the like.
Some time in September 2014 when I heard of Alex Otti's intention to seek nomination to run for governor of Abia State under PDP, I visited him in his Umuru Umuehim residence and had a chat with him, wherein I frankly told him how fruitless and impossible his decision could be due to the issue under reference, that is whether he is an Ngwa man or not. He told me  that he was asked to go and salvage Abia State. I told him that the voyage was time bad because the governorship slot was for the Ngwa people.He asked me whether he was not an Ngwa man. I told him that he was an Aro man resident in Ngwa land. He then said "The contest is for a bag hung at a height, he whose hand is able to reach there, let him take it". I said, "that settles it"and I left. I had done my duty as a noble elderly Ngwa man that does not watch the goat as it delivers it's kid (young) while still tied to it's pen. Unarguably, Alex Otti was born and brought up in Umuru Umuehim Nvosi in Isiala Ngwa South LGA. It is however wrong and show of ignorance of history to tie our early ancestors time of sojourn in this geographical enclave to that of the Aros living with us. Evidence to this effect,  is that the Aros living in Umuru Umuehim have no single parcel of land they can call their own by ancestral acquisition except they either bought or received as gift out of the benevolence of our people.  For the benefit of Mr. Okey Amuta and his likes, the first Aro man known to history that sojourned in Umuehim/Umuguru was Mazi Ulu, a centenarian who died around 1982 when I had grown to adulthood and above the age of 30 years.

The issue of Alex Otti's father instructing that at his death and that of his wife they should be buried in Umuehim was very true and was obeyed by his children. Latter on however, the living changed rules and instructions of the dead to suit their purpose and convenience. However, let it be known to Okey Amuta and his likes that:

1. When Alex Otti gained admission into University of Port Harcourt, he did not collect his local government certificate of origin from Isiala Ngwa but from Arochukwu L.G.A.

2. In University of Port-Harcourt Alex Otti did not join the Ngwa students' union at the approach of Ngwa students there, rather he became the president of Aro Students' Union.

3. Prior to his determination to contest for governor in 2015, he was completely indifferent to anything whatsoever done in Umuehim /Ngwa land,  be it social, developmental, political or otherwise and was not personally known to both old and young and he virtually knew nobody in the village.

4. When I learnt that he was the MD of Diamond Bank; I personally reached out to some notable sons of Umuehim along with some sons of Aro community in the village for us to organize a reception for him, he made himself completely incommunicado, just because he did not want to have anything to do with us, the Ngwa people.

5. In his banking career that spanned over decades and took him to the peak of the profession,  he can hardly point to any son of Ngwa land he facilitated his employment in any cadre from the lowest level to anything whatsoever

6. When he got money enough to build a house befitting his status, he went to Arochukwu and built his mansion with a bold inscription at the gate of his compound "NO PLACE LIKE HOME". He only hurriedly came and built a good house in Umuehim when it became obvious to him that the governorship slot was shifting to this divide of the state.

7. Mazi Alex Otti was a registered member of PDP in Arochukwu Ward 3 with Ward registration No. 16, only for him to transfer his party registration/membership to Ehi na Uguru/Osokwa Ward 5 in Isiala Ngwa South L. G. A.  On July 18, 2014, when it became obvious to him that Ukwa/Ngwa Zone was going to produce the governor.

8. With all that God blessed him In Ngwa land prior to his governorship quest, he hardly identified with anybody in Umuehim Village/Ngwa land. He did not participate in any development program neither did he initiate any and no development project whatsoever can be credited to him, not even the grading of one road in the community.

And as touching the performance of the governor Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu,  it is either ignorance of the numerous laudable projects done by him across Asia State or selfishness that will make anybody in Abia, especially of Ngwa extraction rate him that poor, as Mr. Okey Amuta did. This is quite unfortunate.

My submission on this matter is that anybody that behaved in the manner as discussed above, even if he was the only son of Ngwa land does not deserve a single Ngwa vote. Our God is God of justice. Where you sow is where you reap. This is payback time. He who neglects basic control multiples his sorrows.  Bas hogia.
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