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APGA Should Not Ignite Unrest In Abia State:
By Sir Don Ubani;KSC,JP,
Okwubunka of Asa.
24th August, 2018.

Even the worst antagonist of the PDP Government of Governor Okezie Ikpeazu, in his right frame of mind, would not hesitate to acknowledge the fact that Abia State, under the Ikpeazu administration, has been very peaceful, with very high degree of security.

This situation is attributable to many strategies or principles put together by the PDP government.

In the first instance, the Ikpeazu administration deploys maximum attention to matters of security. A time there was when there was an upsurge of criminal activities in the State, especially kidnapping.

 The Governor rose up to the occasion and that era has become merely a thing of the past.

The Governor's devotion to infrastructural development; including roads and electricity, has gone a long way boosting the State's economy. Hence, many young men and women, who out of economic depression and frustration could have taken to crime, now have taken advantage of the Governor's friendly economic and social environment to have themselves meaningfully and lucratively engaged in lawful enterprises.

Time and space may not permit me to delve into other sectors, such as Agriculture and Trade and Investment, where the present PDP administration of Ikpeazu has exceptionally carved a niche for itself, that has guaranteed security and peace in God's Own State.

However, there is a politically cum administratively uncommon characteristic quality Governor Ikpeazu has, without any iota of publicity, displayed in his attitude to governance. In the Nigerian political clime, tolerance is not found in many of her political leaders.

Hardly would a governor take kindly to the views and positions of members of an opposition Political Party in his State. In some States, it is common to hear that a State Governor has heartlessly directed that an N800m Radio House that employed more than one hundred citizens be demolished or the private residence of a Senator be pulled down merely because of differences in opinion.

In Abia State, it is quite a different scenario. The opposition, which constitutes the minority, is allowed its say in the State while the majority, as translated to the government of the day, has its way.

That Governor Okezie Victor Ikpeazu is a transparent democrat needs no advertisement or publicity. Even a peripheral contact with him, leaves one in no doubt about this assertion. Ofcourse, he tenaciously believes in the rule of law.

All these factors have combined to make Abia one of the safest and most peaceful States in the Nigerian Federation.

Unfortunately and regrettably, this harmony and peace the good people of Abia State have been enjoying is now being unwarrantedly and completely unjustifiably threatened by the irreconcilable aggressive differences between the two factions of All Progressives Grand Alliance; APGA, in the State.

For inexplicable but certainly unhealthy reasons only known to the two warlords in APGA; Chiefs Chikwe Udensi and Alexander Otti, the peace in the State is being threatened almost on daily basis.

Their separate rallies are reminiscent of war speeches against each other. The build-up to the Party's State Congress to elect who will fly the gubernatorial flag of the Party in 2019 election has already manifested danger to the peace of the State. The Peoples Democratic Party in the State is concerned because of the ultimate concern it has for the indigenes and residents of the State.

To add complication to their frosty relationship, the two factions now have tendency of staging their rallies, even when campaigns have not been authorized to commence, in the same venue and at the same time.

This display of gross irresponsibility played last Tuesday; 21st August, 2018, during the Ed-El-Kabir holiday, at National Institute For Nigerian Languages (NINLAN) Demonstration Secondary School, Aba, in Obingwa Local Government Area of the State.

The two factions of APGA in the State; one led by Udensi and the other by Otti, had attempted to use the school for a rally on the same day.

Apart from the danger inherent in such a gathering of fierce enemies, none of the factions obtained permit from the appropriate authorities. The Divisional Police Officer incharge of the area, according to available information, did not know the factions would have anything to do with the school that day. The Authorities of the School, including the Chairman of Parents Teachers Association; Chief Seth Agonmuo, were not given the courtesy of knowing that the factions wanted to use the premises of the School. The Traditional Ruler of the Community; HRH Eze O J Anaba, was not given even the slightest respect of being informed of the factions' invasion.

Extremely embarrassing was the fact that the Executive Chairman of Obingwa Local Government Council; Chief Sunday Hanson, was not aware of the development.

This type of affront was certainly beyond what any mind with the least consciousness for security, peace and dignity could tolerate.

The Chairman of the Council, in timely realization of the danger posed by the two unfriendly factions meeting in the same place at the same time, acted promptly in defusing the potential time bomb.

It is quite laughable and, indeed, a pity that some APGA leaders are now, instead of apologizing for this act of irresponsibility, threatening to bring down heavens when next they would 'storm' Obingwa.

The simple fact is that no heavens would be brought down. The only thing APGA should do are; (1) put its house in order, (2) follow due process and (3) divorce itself from proclivity to  violence and illegality.

Lest APGA has forgotten,  the PDP Government of Governor Okezie Ikpeazu freely allowed All Progressives Congress, APC, in the State access to Umuahia Township Stadium for a rally to receive President Muhammadu Buhari who failed to show up. Again, the PDP government of Ikpeazu permitted Chief Alexander Otti to use Ngwa High School which is a State owned school for the declaration of his desire to run for Abia governorship for a second time on the false claim of being an Ngwa man.

On a Final note, it has to be stated that in as much as PDP in the State will go to any length to make sure there is peace in the polity, this should not be misinterpreted for weakness.


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