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Sex During Pregnancy


There are many women that are not in the mood for sex during the first trimester of their pregnancy as they are dealing with a lot of new and often uncomfortable physical and emotional changes. For example, if the woman is suffering from morning sickness, it might be very difficult for her to become excited about having sex. Therefore, while dealing with these feelings, it is often best for her partner to remain supportive and to understand that sex may be the last thing on her mind.
Now, what happens as the woman begins to feel better and starts to move around a little bit more with ease, and without nausea? Or for the woman not experiencing morning sickness? This is often during the second trimester of the pregnancy and this is when many females may notice the urge to reconnect with their partner in a sexual way. Because pregnant women are still human, most are still going to have this urge and this need. In fact, for some women, this is a time you find you are more sexually aroused due to the increased blood flow to the vulva.
Those that want to engage in sexual activity may be very happy to know that this is perfectly safe to engage in sexual intercourse as long as they are experiencing a healthy, normal pregnancy. However, there are a few things to keep in mind:
  • First of all, it is very important to make sure that all feelings and thoughts related to sexual intercourse are discussed with your partner. Never assume that he, or she, is comfortable with the idea of having sex during pregnancy. Being open and honest about what your desires and needs are is a wonderful way to reconnect and ensure that both parties are satisfied. Once you’ve discussed your comfort level, it is time to check with your Dr. to make sure there are no restrictions.
  • Next, be sure that the female is not lying flat on her back during sex. This can cause pressure on the blood vessels and it may cause some women to pass out. Therefore, it may be a good idea for the lady to be on top or for the couple to try spooning in order to have the best sexual experience during pregnancy.
  • No, having sex does not mean the baby’s head will be bumped at all – there is a lot of distance between the vaginal opening and the uterus.
  • Some individuals worry about having sex during the third trimester because it has been said that this may induce labor. No one is really sure if this is true or not and really depends on your doctor and who you speak to. You might want to ask your health care professional but keep in mind that an orgasm is thought to release hormones that may cause the female to have contractions.
As you can see, it is safe to have sex during pregnancy as long as both parties are willing and the pregnancy is progressing without any problems or restrictions (physical or medical). Just be sure to speak openly with your partner about this topic to ensure that everyone is comfortable and enjoys it.

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