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How to boost organic seo 2017

For boosting organic visits from SEO
For boosting organic visits from SEO you have to to much hard work.

Optimize your site for being SEO friendly: Titles, Meta Descriptions, Keywords, make it responsive, optimize content, keep your URL-s clean, use H1 tag only once, add video to your website, drop your keyword in first 100 words, add internal and external links, boos site speed ! Brian wrote a great article about on page SEO.Build links to your website: This is very very important to do. If you don’t have backlinks, Google will not increase your rankings in SERP’s. But always avoid doing spam link building. It hurts SEO of your site too much and you can even get a Penalty from Google which is very bad for your experience. There are hundreds of strategies for link building. If you are a beginner in link building, this guidefrom MOZ will help you to get the right point.Create a blog : Who don’t want additional traffic from Google ? Do keyword research and find out which keywords are there for creating blog article in your niche. If your articles are optimized well, and your content is good enough, you have opportunities for being on the first page of Google. But after writing the article, you have also to build backlinks telling Google that your blog article has value. It will surely help in driving more traffic.Use long tail keywords: If you find and rank long tail keywords you can show up your content to 100% targeted audience.

If you use all these strategies, you can surely get more traffic. But the main issue, that most SEO people don’t realize is the patience. Be patient, everything can’t happen in one night. You have to be very patient if you want to be successful :)

Wish you good luck. In case of any questions message me.
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