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Here’s Exactly What Goes On In The Minds Of Men After A Breakup

Here’s Exactly What Goes On In The Minds Of Men After A Breakup

Paa Kwasi Boakye
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It’s an assumed fact by many ladies that guys are emotionally unavailable.

But that is a lie, guys are very emotional, except we know how to hide those nasty emotions, especially after a breakup. A lot goes on in the minds of men after a breakup.
Below is exactly how guys react to a breakup.

1. Start drinking

Most guys turn to alcohol immediately after a breakup, this is the one true way to cheer up and pretend we’re fine.

2. Start reading all the messages that transpired between you and your ex-bae

To realize how much she meant to you, you go back to re-read text messages between you and her. This will make you drink and be more sad about the situation.

3. Reminisce about the great memories

and the great times you had, the photos, this will bring tears to your eyes …

4. And all the things she does for you

You start thinking about all the things you’re going to lose from breaking up with her, the home-made food, the sex, the times she made you laugh etc.

5. Plus all the girls you had a chance with but passed on

If we knew this was going nowhere, we would have taken our chances with other girls.

6. So you start plotting how to make her feel like you’ve moved on

You start getting thoughts like taking photos with a bunch of girls or going to parties to turn up, to make it look like you’re having fun.

7. But deep down, you know you haven’t so you start stalking her on social media

.. to see what she’s about and whether she’s got a new boyfriend

8. While on there, you find every reason to be angry and get madder

.. thereby drinking more to kill the pain

9. Most days you just want to apologize and get your baby back

.. but your ego won’t allow you

10. So you try to shift your attention to other things to bring happiness

TV shows and sports become your solace.

11. But in the end, no amount of joy can replace the joy bae brings

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